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O'Reilly Impresses Me


Who would've ever thought I'd have a positive thing to say about Bill O'Reilly? I'll be honest, certainly not me. But the world is full of infinite possibilities and this one has come to pass.

A group, One Million Moms, has declared a boycott against JC Penney because Ellen DeGeneres is their current spokesperson. This organization says that JC Penney--by hiring an openly homosexual spokesperson--is taking a side (apparently the "wrong" side) in a "culture war" that is in direct contrast to the "traditional families" that actually shop at JC Penney and that they should fire DeGeneres as their spokesperson.

O'Reilly discussed this issue on his "Unresolved Problems" segment and actually defended JC Penney's right to choose who they want and encouraged the organization to spend their money elsewhere if that was their prerogative. Further, he compared this boycott to the McCarthy-era communist blacklists during the 1950s and asked what the difference was.

The essential question is that a group, a conservative group, in this country is asking a private company to fire an American citizen based upon her lifestyle. . . . This JC Penney thing is a witch hunt and it shouldn't happen.

Wow, O'Reilly, just wow! 

I will continue to shop at JC Penney because as part of a "traditional" Christian family that shops there, I don't care who your spokesperson is and I celebrate your right to hire and/or fire whomever you choose. Personally, a spokesperson doesn't make or break where my money is spent; it's the quality and value of what I get when I do shop. Conversely, if I disagreed, I don't have to spend my money in your store, and I'd still celebrate your right to hire and/or fire whomever you choose. Lucky for me I don't have to choose because I support JC Penney and Ellen.

Kudos to O'Reilly . . . and I never thought I'd say that!


  1. Wow is right, Claudia. I'm a bit stunned. And I admire your position on spokespeople; it makes a lot of sense.


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